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In the fall of 2010, I spent 4 days in the panhandle area of North Idaho.
This is a report on that area and specifically about the Trail of the Coeur D’Alenes.
The trail is a 72 mile section of railroad right of way that has been converted to trail.
It is entirely paved in blacktop and open to non-motorized use, such as bikes, roller blades, and hikers.

Here is the website for extensive information about the trail.

Friends of Coeur d’Alenes Trail

Here is a map of the route. The solid, dark red line is the trail. It starts at Plummer {bottom left}, crosses Lake Coeur D’alene on the Chatcolet bridge, continues along the lakeshore to Harrison, turns North East through the Chain Lakes area, and then through the Silver Valley where it ends in Mullen {far right}. Click on map to enlarge it.



The first evening I rode down the lake shore to the Chatcolet bridge.


Chatcolet Bridge


Trail near Harrison, Idaho



Lake Coeur D'Alene and the Chatcolet Bridge


And back to Harrison at sunset. 20 miles total.


Harrison to Kellogg, an easy 40 miles.






Kellogg to Mullen {end of trail} and back to a B&B, a few miles off the trail up the North Fork of the Coeur d’Alenes river, near Enaville. 58 miles.

Old train station in Wallace.


Enaville to end of trail at Plummer and back to Harrison. 70 miles.


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