Recent Photographs

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  1. Your photos are very beautiful. thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow… beautiful pictures for sure… curious tho’… if you don’t mind… camera make and lens size… you take great pictures, probably using manual settings with light, speed and focus. A lot of these birds that you have taken pictures of are quick moving and don’t stay in one place very long… you obviously know your bird species as well as handling your camera. Good Job! — Revised I saw your “About Me” page and got the info I requested above… I’ve always seem to talk before think…

  3. Hello Douglas.. Thank you for sharing you wonderful photos..

    Dave Leslie

  4. Finally I figured out how to look at the photos!! They are great. I especially like the hawks.

  5. Especially like the pair of shovelers showing male/female

  6. Great photos Doug – my favorite is the Kinglet – it is so difficult to get photos of them.

  7. Beautiful Doug. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Excellent work Doug, particularly fond of the female osprey images.

  9. Doug, good to see your photos from the West 90. A short eared owl just showed up at the Lummi Flats and the Red River Roads and it is not at all skittish./Users/stevebarnett/Desktop/_1350967.JPG

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